Susan Herrington is the Vice President of Trips and has been a Club Member for 10 years. Susan has also served on the Board, Trip Leader, and Social Committee. Susan has been a skier for 12 years and her favorite place to ski is where there is snow!

Vice President


Lynn Greene has been the Club the Secretary for two years and a member of the Club for six years. Lynn first joined six years ago and immediately became involved by serving on the Board. Lynn has been skiing for six-½ years and says her favorite place to ski is Snowmuass.

Past President


Terri Schaeffer is the club’s current past president and has been a Member since 2005. She has previously held the board positions treasurer, vp of trips, and trip leader. Terri has been skiing since 2005  says her favorite ski destination is Snowmass.

Vice President of Trips


 Amalie Murphy is the  Vice President of  Trips  and has been a Club Member since 2012. Amalie has also served as Board Member, Co-Trip Leader, and will lead a Trip to Snowmass in 2020. Amalie has been skiing since since 1986 and her favorite place to ski is Beaver Creek.



  During the 20 years Fitz has been a member of the club, he has held positions on the Board as President, Vice President of Trips, and Trip Leader. He first skied in 1992 and then in 1998 started skiing on trips with the Club and is still going. These days he likes to ski anyplace with snow and a  mountain. 



  Sandra McGuire  is  the  Secretary  and  manages the Web/Technology/Social Media for the Club. She started skiing in 1995 and  loved  it.  After an  injury and  a long hiatus,  Sandra rediscovered her love of skiing through the Club and says her favorite places to ski include Big Sky, Winter Park, and Park City. Sandra loves that everyone in the Club is so welcoming to new members. 

2nd Year Board Members

Doc Holliday

Bruce “Doc” Holliday is a Board Member, 2-Term Past President, and Trip Leader. Doc been a member of

 .Bruce “Doc” Holliday is a Board Member, 2-Term Past President, and Trip Leader. Doc been a member of the club for thirty years and has previously served the Club as Trip Leader, Party Chairman, and Florida Ski Council Coordination.  Doc has been skiing for 30 years and his favorite places to ski are anywhere in Europe; Taos, NM and Big Sky, MT.  Doc enjoys seeing wonderful places in America and Europe.

Cindy Urmos-Clements


Cindy Urmos-Clements is a Board Member, Past President, and Trip Leader. Cindy has been a member for 20+ years and served on  party/trips committees, as Trip Leader for 10 years, Assistant Treasurer, and President. Cindy has been skiing for 44 years (you read that right) and her favorite places to ski include Lake Louise, Deer Valley, and Snowmass.  She loves being part of the club for the camaraderie formed amongst the members. As a frequent Trip Leader with Florida Ski Council, Cindy really enjoys meeting members of other ski clubs through Florida.

Andra Morgan


Jeffrey Kleinstiver


Jeffrey Kleinstiver is a  Board Member and has been a member of the Club since 2006. Jeffrey has been on a PSTC ski trip every year (with one exception) since 2007. Jeffrey has been skiing off and on since 1973 and he loves to ski wherever there is snow. 

David Fairleigh


Carl Sutherland


1st Year Board Members

JoAnn Anderson


Joanne Anderson is a  Board Member and manages all Publications/Publicity for the Club. Joanne has been a member since 2009 and tried skiing on her first trip with the Club in 2010. By 2016 Joanne was hooked on skiing and wished she had started earlier. Now Joanne skis 2-3 weeks each year with her husband and her favorite places to ski are Keystone and Breckenridge. Joanne has met many people and found new interests through the Club and says the experience been great. 

Pistol Martin


Pistol Martin

Ed Hewes


About Us

1st Year Pam Ryland


Pamela Ryland is a Board Member, Trip Leader, and member of the Party Committee. Pam is a long-time member of the Club since 1976 and has served on various committees over the years. Pamela skied from 1976-2010 and says she loved Taos, NM, and Crested Butte, CO. Pamela gave up skiing and now leads non-ski trips in the US and Europe. 

1st Year Kim Walden



1st Year Linda Sebring


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