Do I need to find my own roommate if I travel alone?

We will try to match you up with a same-sex roommate or you can pay an additional fee and have a room of your own. Trips are based on double or multiple occupancy.

What if I already have my own Epic or Ikon pass?

We offer trips both with/without the lift ticket included.

Do I need to know how to ski to go on a ski trip?

We always have members who travel with us who do not ski/snowboard. You can take lessons at the resorts from professional instructors. Or enjoy other activities in the area. Many of our regular skiers are keen to help beginners learn.

Do I need to buy ski/snowboard equipment before I go on a ski trip?

Equipment is always available for rent at the destination which is great, renting gives you the opportunity to try several different skis/boots before buying your own.

Will I get altitude sickness?

Part of the mystery of altitude sickness is that it is difficult to predict who will be affected.  There are prescription medications available to alleviate the symptoms. For more information about altitude sickness go to altitude.org